Your Rights As The Parent Of A Young Adult — What You Need To Know When A Medical Crisis Hits

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As a parent, you're used to taking care of your children's legal and medical matters when needed. But what happens when your "kids" turn 18 and need urgent medical help far from home? At 18, they legally become adults, and you lose your automatic rights to make medical and financial decisions for them.

Without the right legal documents, accessing their medical info or being informed about their condition can be tough or even impossible. This can be especially concerning when your young adult child is away at college or living far from home.

To ensure you can stay involved during a medical crisis, consider these three essential legal documents. They can help you stay informed and make decisions for your child when they're over 18 and away from home. Laws vary by state, so consult with your Personal Family Lawyer® to find the right forms for your situation.

HIPAA Authorization: Control Who Sees Your Medical Info

Think of it as a permission slip for your adult child. With this, they can choose who can access their medical details. They can even keep specific info private, like drug use, sexual health, or mental health, for added privacy.

Medical Power of Attorney: Appoint Someone to Make Medical Choices

This lets your young adult choose someone to make medical decisions for them if needed. It can be you or another trusted person. Laws vary by state, so consult with your Personal Family Lawyer® to make sure you're following the right rules for your state and your child's state.

Durable Financial Power of Attorney: Handle Financial Matters

This document lets a trusted adult, like a parent, manage important financial tasks for the adult child if they can't do it themselves. This includes signing tax returns, paying bills, and accessing bank accounts.

As your kids grow up and leave home, consult with us, your Personal Family Lawyer®, to ensure smooth communication and peace of mind during medical emergencies. Involve your young adults in the process. We're here to help your family set up the legal and medical protections you need for the life you want. Contact us today to schedule a Family Wealth Planning Session for your family and get the right documents for your kids.

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