How to Approach Family Money Talks During the Holidays

Posted by Yuki Ku | Dec 14, 2023 | 0 Comments

With the holiday season approaching, family gatherings offer an ideal opportunity to discuss essential topics like money, inheritance, and estate planning. However, addressing these matters requires tact. Here are three tips for a productive conversation:

1. Share Your Intentions in Advance

Initiate the conversation weeks ahead during regular visits or calls. Mention your thoughts on creating a financial plan for your family's future. As the gathering approaches, discuss the idea with the host and schedule a dedicated time for a family conversation about money.

2. Set Aside a Time and Place

Avoid discussing money amidst holiday festivities. Schedule a dedicated meeting and inform your family about the purpose. Choose a comfortable, quiet setting to encourage openness. Set context by sharing why these discussions matter and establish a realistic timeframe for the conversation.

3. Share Your Planning Experience

If you've already created a plan, discuss your experience—how it felt, the ease of the process, and the peace of mind it brings. Detail how working with us as your Personal Family Lawyer® ensured a plan aligned with your wishes. Address concerns or doubts and empathize with those who haven't planned, emphasizing the benefits for family harmony, future care, and generational wealth.

Approaching these conversations thoughtfully ensures a constructive dialogue that strengthens family bonds and secures a well-planned financial future.

Fostering Family Unity through Estate Planning

Discussing financial and estate matters with family can be challenging, but as your Personal Family Lawyer®, we're here to assist and facilitate these crucial conversations. Proper planning not only brings clarity to your life and relationships but also ensures the protection of your assets and the well-being of your loved ones.

If you've already worked with us to create a plan, share our wealth of blog resources available HERE [link to blog library] with your loved ones. For those yet to establish their estate plan, initiating the conversation after creating your plan can make your family more receptive to the idea, highlighting the significant benefits of planning as demonstrated by a fellow family member.

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