Welcome to the story of Roots and Wings Legal, a journey of passion, transformation, and dedication to family legacy. 

Founded by Yuki Ku, our firm represents a new era in estate planning, combining deep legal expertise with a heartfelt mission to serve families.

Yuki Ku's Journey to Roots and Wings Legal

Corporate Law Beginnings

Yuki Ku's career in law began in the high-powered corridors of corporate giants like Samsung and Tencent, where she honed her legal skills at renowned international firms such as K&L Gates and Covington, and later became Head of Legal and general counsels to various technology companies.

A Personal Awakening

The pivotal moment came with a personal tragedy. The loss of her father without an estate plan left Yuki's family navigating not just grief but complex legal challenges and family conflicts. This experience ignited Yuki's determination to ensure that no other family faced such turmoil.

Founding Roots and Wings Legal

In August, 2023, Yuki Ku channeled her expertise and newfound passion into founding Roots and Wings Legal. Her vision was clear: to provide comprehensive, empathetic estate planning accessible to all families, not just the affluent.

Community Education and Engagement

Since opening its doors, Roots and Wings Legal has become a beacon in the community, educating through events and workshops. With over five community events and counting, Yuki and her team have demystified estate planning, making it approachable and understandable.

Today's Mission

Today, Roots and Wings Legal stands as a testament to Yuki's belief that every family deserves a secure future. The firm continues to grow, driven by the mission to protect families and ensure that legacies are not just preserved but flourish.

Welcome to Roots and Legal

At Roots and Wings Legal, we understand that estate planning is a journey, not just a destination. Our personalized services are designed to grow with your family, ensuring peace of mind at every stage of life.

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